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SecureStack named one of the HOTTEST startups at RSA2019


Build the same secure servers in AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure with our “build once, deploy anywhere” technology.

Meet your compliance requirements and keep your applications & customers safe with our dynamically hardened images.

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Cloud Provisioning

For the first time you can build the same secure servers in AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure using SecureStack’s native cloud provisioning.  No more special snowflakes that you can’t turn off because no one knows how to build it again. Everything you build with CloudBuilder is hardened to CIS Level 1 specifications.

Multiple Teams Supported via RBAC

Our role based access lets your disparate teams build in your multi-cloud environments.  Different teams can have access to different clouds, accounts and VPCs.  Isolate your PROD accounts so that only the people and accounts that should be able to deploy there can.  Expose test and staging to developer groups so they can have self service instant access to the right environments and stacks


CloudBuilder in 60 seconds

Build the same secure infrastructure in the multi-cloud. Hardened servers, databases and applications build on a CIS secure image in AWS, GCP and Azure.
CloudBuilder gives you a standardized and repeatable way to build securely in the cloud, at scale. Manage security in you different cloud environments from one solution. Things like users, access credentials, ssh keys, firewalls, acls and security groups can all be orchestrated with CloudBuilder.