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Security orchestration for VMware, data centre and on-premise infrastructure

Security data and insights delivered effortlessly

Everything that you build with SecureStack will automatically send its security alerts and events to your SIEM.  Your teams won’t have to waste time hunting down misconfigured servers, or rogue servers via shadow IT.  Your build specifications and tooling will be automatically handled by SecureStack.

So, not only do we make you more secure, but we save you money too.

Data Centre and VMware

We secure your servers everywhere

Provision SecureStack Base images directly from your SIIPServer.  Our platform talks to VMware directly, building servers that you know are secure.

SecureStack can manage your existing and legacy environments as well.  Bring legacy servers into compliance with our hardening automation and get reports on that compliance in your SIEM.

Centralised Logging

Log aggregation and search

Any servers you build with SecureStack automatically talk to your SIIPServer.  Data starts flowing to the logging service from the second a machine comes online giving bad guys no chance to infiltrate before you start the logging. Those logs are sent immediately in real time via an encrypted channel. Even if hackers delete the logs on the compromised server, you still have all the evidence of their activity.


Security Information and Event Management

The SecureStack SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a web-based tool that allows you to see and interact with your security data. Our SIEM comes with over 50 pre-built visualisations and dashboards. Additionally, you can build whatever custom search logic and visualisations you want.

Build once, deploy anywhere.

Build safe servers anywhere

Provision SecureStack Base images directly from your SIIPServer. No more special snowflakes and instances that you can’t turn off because no one knows how to build it again. 

The SecureStack Security Intelligence Platform

SecureStack Base

Hardened operating systems

Our SecureStack Base images are pre-hardened Linux & Windows Server operating systems. Pick and choose what built in security tools to enable. Automatically talks to SIIPServer.


Centralized logging and SIEM

Acts as the central logging server and provides web based SIEM. Automatically manages and provisions SecureStack Base images in the cloud.


Hybrid solution for the data centre and VMware

Want to manage your VMware, on-premise, and data centre and legacy infrastructure? SecureStack Enterprise has you covered. Best of all, you manage it all from one platform.